We are living in extraordinary times. It seems we are at a crossroads as a nation where two factions are at war over the future of our country. Everything about our country, from its founding articles, the constitution, its history, its morals and Judeo-Christian ideals are being attacked by the left and defended by the right. This is nothing new. This divide has been growing for more than fifty years, a simmering cauldron that has become a boiling pot. The factions on either side used to be able to get along, to agree to disagree, but that seems to have changed. We have come to the climax. The opponents of the founding ideals of this country are meeting the conservatives of this nation head on. The anger on both sides has reached i’s final crescendo. This will not end until one side claims victory.

I have watched the fight mostly from the sidelines, wading into the issues only when something reached close to home, but now I feel the need to engage, to stand up. Because now evil has truly shown its face. Evil is in our midst. And, let there be no mistake, it is evil. I watched as the New York governor and the New York legislators cheered, smiled and congratulated themselves as they signed into law a bill that would allow the abortion of unborn babies up to the very moment of birth. My friend, if you support the termination of the life of an unborn baby just before birth, I say, without equivocation, there is something wrong with your soul. It is not only wrong to believe in and support such a heinous act, the systematic destruction of a life so innocent, so pure, so utterly helpless, but it is evil. I cannot imagine a more vile, egregious act so against the laws of human nature, compassion and motherly love, and the laws of God.

And that leads to the very heart of my point. There is one major difference between the left and the right in this country and throughout the world. Those on the right, for the most part, believe in God. They believe that God is the final arbiter, the very basis for morality. He is the one who holds in his hands the balance of what is good and what is evil. He is the one who separated light from darkness, righteousness from unrighteousness. Those on the left reject the notion of God, for the most part denying the existence of a creator, a supreme judge of their actions. They do not believe in a final reckoning, a time when they must stand before the creator and give an account for their actions.

And it all boils down to this.

If there is no God, there is nothing to measure what is inherently evil, or what is inherently good. Ask yourself this question: What is good? What is evil? Then ask yourself, if there is no God, how do we know evil is evil and good is good? Who decides? What I think is good, another may consider to be evil. What I consider to be evil, the systematic murder of innocent life, the New York legislature and governor celebrated with cheers and applause as they signed it into law.

Is law, then, the supreme arbiter of what is right or what is wrong? Laws chosen by the majority of the people, for instance? If the majority of the people conclude and agree that something is good, and should be lawful, or a thing is evil, and should not be lawful, does that make it so? Are we the final authority on righteousness and unrighteousness? Are all laws inherently good?

Let us consider a man most believe was evil; a monster, a blight on the history of all mankind. Let us examine Adolph Hitler. This man was responsible for the murder of millions, men, women and children. His Nazi party regularly ripped babies from the arms of their mothers and executed them. But, I challenge you, prove to me that he was evil, without the existence of God.

You may answer that he was a tyrant, a man who ordered the extermination of some thirteen million people, including six million Jews. And he certainly did. But prove to me that what Adolph Hitler did was wrong. Prove to me that Adolph Hitler’s actions were evil. He violated no laws of Germany, after all. In fact, he was placed in authority by a majority of the people and given supreme dictatorial powers. He was, in effect, himself, the law. In his opinion, as the supreme law of the land, the systematic extermination of thirteen million people was the right thing to do. He did what was right in his own eyes. He had legal authority in Germany to sentence anyone to death that he chose. Was he wrong? Was he right? He did not break the law of the land. He believed the extermination of thirteen million people for their race, for their political views, for their religion, was the right thing to do. And I challenge you: If there is no God, prove to me that his actions were evil.

Without God, there is no absolute right or wrong. There is no true good, and there is no true evil. Every man does whatever he feels is right. Society simply decides what is wrong and what is right, good and evil, by a consensus, a majority. And why not? If there is no God, why should we, ourselves, not decide what is good and evil? Whatever makes us happy, whatever is convenient, whatever causes the least amount of suffering in the world should be good.

If a woman becomes pregnant and finds having a child to be inconvenient, she should simply have an abortion. She should simply exterminate the growing life inside her. Why shouldn’t she? It is simply a choice, reproductive freedom, the termination of a mass of growing tissue. And it makes sense, does it not, to prevent any possible future suffering of a child born to a life of financial hardship, or parents too young to raise a child? It is good to prevent suffering. Why should a young woman take on the responsibility of children when she is not prepared to do so? Why should she have to give up her life to raise a child? Why should she have to be inconvenienced?

It makes perfect sense, after all. If there is no God.

The continuing, systematic termination of innocent children, ripped from their mother’s wombs, mothers who, by nature, should be protecting them, makes perfect sense, if there is no God. It should be done, without question. And it is done, to the tune of millions of babies, millions of heartbeats, children that belong to God and are a gift from God. And why not? If there is no God?

And, to follow that line of thinking, to prevent all future suffering, for convenience sake, we should be permitted to terminate the lives of all who were born with disabilities, who may be a burden to society (for convenience sake), or their family members, anyone born with a developmental disability, any child born into poverty. If there is no God, who is to say that would be wrong? After all, once we decided it was acceptable to terminate one life for convenience sake, or to prevent future suffering, why should terminating any other life be different, if there is no God? And isn’t removing suffering from the world a noble desire?

Adolph Hitler would agree.

You see, without God, all things are permissible. If there is no God, it makes perfect sense that people should do whatever makes them feel good. Whatever it is. Why not? Who is there to judge them? Who is the arbiter of right and wrong? Whatever desire a person has should be fulfilled without regard for what others may think. After all, who is there to judge us if there is no God? A man should be able to have as many partners as he wishes. The bonds of marriage, after all, are only as strong as one decides they are. A man is not bound to his wife, nor a wife to her husband, if there is no God to bind them to their oaths.

A man should be allowed to have a partner regardless of their gender. If he desires a man, he should be allowed to marry a man. If a woman desires a woman, she should be allowed to marry a woman. I mean, love is love, right? No one dictates what love should be. There is no absolute measurement of what love is supposed to be. We should decide, by what we want, and how we feel. After all, who gets to decide what is right and wrong, if there is no God? And, if something is considered wrong in society, we should manipulate the beliefs of the population until the majority accepts that evil thing as good, or that thing once considered to be good as evil. And that changes the good from the evil and the evil from the good, because the majority now agrees on it.

If there is no God. Who gets to decide the roles of male and female, anyways? If a man chooses to be a woman, then he should be allowed to change his sex. If a woman chooses to be a man, who is to stop her? Nobody. That’s who. There are, after all, no absolutes.

And who says a person should have to be of a certain age to be in a relationship? What is so wrong with an adult loving a child? Think about it. You may not like it, you may think it’s evil, but who are we to judge? The marriage of grown men to eight and nine-year old girls is common in the Middle East. We heard recently about the frequent molestation of boys among the Muslim military troops we call allies. An American soldier used force against one of them to free a fifteen-year-old boy who was chained to a bed, because he grew tired of his screams in the night. The military kicked the soldier out of the military for protecting the boy. And they should have, I suppose. After all, who is that soldier to decide it is wrong to kidnap and chain a boy to the bed and continuously rape him? Who is that soldier to impose his own morality, his own Judeo-Christian values on another culture? I mean why is it wrong? Their laws permit it, after all. There is no absolute right or wrong.

And who says love is any better than hate? If we can love who we want, then we can hate who we want. Hate to your heart’s content. Hate other races other than your own. Hate anyone you please. It will make no difference in the end, If there is no God.

If there is no God, then life is nothing but a cosmic accident. We will all be dead and forgotten. The very universe itself will be dead and forgotten with time, and there will be no one left to remember us. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die. Nothing we have done, or will ever do, matters. It will make no difference if you chose to help the poor, feed the hungry and relieve the pain of suffering humanity, or if you chose to be a serial killer, a monster, a mass murderer. It makes no difference if you were Adolph Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Mother Theresa or Florence Nightingale.

If there is no God.

Do whatever you want to do. Decide for yourself how you should live. After all, it is your life, and, once it is over, you will cease to exist. There will not be judgment. There will not be a memory of your past wrongs. Hurt as many as you wish, hate to your hearts content. Manipulate, scheme. Step on anyone it takes to get whatever it is you want. Nothing really matters. There are no consequences. If there is no God.

You will die. All will cease to be, but at least you got what you wanted while you were living. And, really, what you want is the only thing that really matters, isn’t it?


But wait a minute, you say. You are taking this too far. You are being foolish. Perhaps you think so, but who’s to say, If there is no God? Stop pushing your individual morality onto me. There is no good, there is no evil. There are no absolutes, there is no limit to depravity. There are no true morals, because there is no true standard to compare morals to. Because God is the final arbiter, the plumb line, the ultimate measurement of morality, decency, goodness, purity and, yes, evil.

And that is what is happening in America right now. The media and the left broke into cheers and applause over a young boy dressing as a girl and dancing provocatively in front of men at a gay bar, who tossed dollar bills at him. Teenagers at a Catholic school, supporting the right to life for unborn babies were cursed, threatened and jeered at by an unruly mob of adults, but the media and the left ridiculed and screamed for the physical harm and even the death of the teenagers. The left rejoiced, the New York legislature voted for the right to kill babies moments before birth and to terminate the lives of the babies who survive the attempt to abort them. This is evil.

I understand where the left is coming from. I was once an atheist, not only denying the existence of God, but actively recruiting others to my way of thinking. I would have fit right in with the leftists today. Because, without God, there is only yourself. What you feel, what you think, is the most important thing. You are the final arbiter between what is good and what is evil. There is no external measuring stick, no plumb line, no compass to guide you, no map to follow. And, without a map, without a compass, I was helplessly lost. America must find her compass again. She must dust off the road map, the articles which founded her very existence. She must remember her creator. It is he, after all, who endowed us with certain inalienable rights; the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is upon his word that we based the laws of our nation, the idea that all men are created equal. Without him, we are not the nation our forefathers envisioned. Without him, we have no boundaries, no moral compass, no righteousness, no inherent goodness.

The United States is lost, if there is no God.

-Ricky Taylor

Published by

Ricky Taylor

Ricky Taylor lives in southern California. He has been a preacher, a combat corpsman, a nurse, a correctional officer, a private investigator and a collection of other titles.

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